Friday, 18 November 2016

Head Carrier

I'm a hundred years too late, but I feel compelled to say something about this new Pixies album. Because I do not even know what is more fascinating - people's reaction (no Kim Deal / Frank Black's solo record / "All I Think About Now" / they should just quit and go fuck themselves) or the fact that Head Carrier is...... whisper it...... really good.

Unclog your ears and drop your bullshit arrogance. The songs are great. Honestly, if you can't hear that they are better than 99% of what is being written these days, I feel sorry for you. 

Frank Black is a master of twisted pop music. Unlike the somewhat bland run of EPs from a couple of years back, Head Carrier is tuneful, edgy, charismatic. Granted, two last songs come and go with little to say for themselves, but stuff like "Might As Well Be Gone" or "Classic Masher" or "Tenement Song" are worthy heirs to "Here Comes Your Man".

As for the opening riff to "All I Think About Now", don't be silly. Black knew exactly what he was doing. It's not a full-blown parody and the riff quickly dissolves into a whole new song. Which brings me to my final point. Songwriting on Head Carrier. Not as good as on Trompe Le Monde. On par with Frank Black. Better than on Pod