Thursday, 11 June 2015


“If you don’t like this album, you are either a lobotomized eunuch or a British restaurant critic”. Indeed. It would be hard to improve on Luke Haines’ review of this album, so let’s just say FFS (for fuck’s sake or, alternatively, Franz Ferdinand + Sparks) have released one hell of a pop record.

Catchy and inventive, like all things Sparks – and, of course, completely insane. They even managed to get the best out of Alex Kapranos, whose melodies here are reminiscent of whatever it was that he did so effortlessly back in 2004 and 2005. FFS is eccentric pop music with deliciously quirky lyrics. They do try to appear normal and semi-serious in a couple of places, but I guess that’s where Franz Ferdinand came in. Not every song here is a classic, granted, as “Things I Won’t Get” is a little low on musical imagination and the chorus of “Save Me From Myself” is way too straight-faced for Mael brothers – but even those beat your best. 

This is a great album. They blend together so well, these people, it pains me to say that collaborations are not in fact completely worthless.