Monday, 15 June 2015

On reviewing

It’s my absolute conviction that you have to write objective reviews. Because your opinion is the one that counts. Otherwise, why bother expressing it? All this ‘humble opinion’ bullshit has never turned me on. 

Because when I read a review, even if that’s a review of something as divisive and taste-related as art, I need to see the personality of the one behind it. I don’t need his goddamn subjectivity.

Ah you might say. But everyone is subjective and you can’t just walk around believing that you are some sort of guru, prophet, messiah. Indeed. Your job is to make people trust your opinion. So even if you can’t be completely objective (tastes differ, to each his own, etc.), give your all to try to make it look as if you really are. 

I suggest listening to what Woody Allen had to say on the matter.