Friday, 1 April 2016

A Season In Hull

"A Season In Hull"

A season in Hull, I wait for the sun to stop shining
And I get out of bed, I reach for a pen and start writing


And now when I close my eyes I see kicking chorus girl legs
I see black and white photographs hanging from little wooden pegs

"The Coaster In Santa Cruz"

You were kind to me in the mustard seed hours
In the hangover showers

"Slick Black River From The Rain"

I feel the pull of the morning
I want the sun to catch me working

"Thin Lizzy Live And Dangerous"

I would meet you in the rain
At the gaping mouth of brick lane

"Don't Worry My Friend, Don't Worry At All"

You held the world with tears, you hanged the world in vests
From one garden to another, lighting endless cigarettes

"Tropical Fish"

Somewhere in the distance children are singing
Singing are children distance the in somewhere

"Memphis Slim In Paris"

Besotted with the blues, befuddled with booze
He takes the stool there at the piano

"Flow My Tears, The Musician Said"

You can play my ribcage like a xylophone

"A Letter From Hull (Dom's Song)"

I came here by car from London
Where buses snort like horses

"The Pharmacy Cross"

While in the market squares around pigeon shit fountains
Teenagers made molehills out of perfectly good mountains

"Hot Rain Riding On The Salt Lake"

You wrapped me up in a silk sheet
The way an eyelid flutters ‘round the dream 

"David In A Field Of Pumpkins"

In a field of pumpkins I find myself down on my hands and knees 
Sucking rainwater from the leaves