Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Album of the Month: IN BETWEEN by The Feelies

In the meantime, Mark Kozelek is trying to eat us all. Piece by piece. Gruesomely. Without chewing.

The Feelies are special. I know you've probably heard this said a million times before, about a million different bands, but few would say that about The Feelies. After all, who even fucking remembers The Feelies? And who cares what they have to say now, thirty-seven years after their first album?.. 

Which is slightly odd as it would take one listen to "The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness", in headphones or otherwise, to fall in love.

Once you do, you'll know that on occasion they do indeed sound like The Velvet Underground doing jangle-pop ("In Between (Reprise)" is not unlike "White Light/White Heat" as recorded by The Bats). But that's not what makes them special. It's what is going on underneath. 

Charismatic songwriting worthy of a band who only records albums when they have something to say (this is a band, remember, who took six full years between the debut and the follow-up). In all honesty, you have to lack not one - but both of your ears to miss the greatness of "Gone, Gone, Gone". 

A lesser band would bore you to tears with "Time Will Tell" and would probably make you pay too much attention to the "Some Kinda Love" styled guitar playing in "Pass The Time". The Feelies win you over with substance or whatever it is that makes you feel the sheer excitement of seemingly uneventful "Been Replaced" and the title song.

Album of the month, easily. After all, who would think that feedback noise could fill your heart with warmth? The closing "In Between (Reprise)" does just that.