Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Malvasia del Salento

There is no such thing as 'comfort wine', nor should be. Having said that, I have always liked the idea of coming into a wine store, seeing a familiar bottle of white and thinking to myself - oh well, this is my wine and why would I be looking elsewhere?.. 

Your wine is, of course, something you should work on. It comes after countless exhausting rehearsals and mind-crushing experiments, but then suddenly it will hit the one spot in your mouth which has been crying for it for years. A million girls can tell you a million beautiful things, but there is one girl who will do more by just hitting the one spot that matters. Accidentally. Or so it would seem.

This wine arrived more than a year ago now, in the form of Italian Varvaglione Malvasia 12 e Mezzo. The winery is located in Salento, the 'heel' part of Italy that sports such underrated beauties as Bari and Lecce. 12 e Mezzo is intriguingly inexpensive, though you would not be able to tell it from the slightly acidic petals of roses, to say nothing of some exotic pineapple gone beautifully off.

They could of course be telling you this wine is perfect for summer, and while I would not argue with that, I have not yet encountered a season where this wine would not raise a smile on my face and not make me think - oh well, to hell with experiments, this is my wine and I am not going home with anything else.