Wednesday, 20 June 2018

My Favourite Men

My favourite men are those who in this time of crisis (football) are not staying at home watching sports but those who are sitting in bars where TV sets show ancient movies about American gangsters. These men are alone, drinking Laphroaig and smoking expensive cigarettes and their tilted backs keep oozing stories if you are willing to look at them. 

Look, not even listen; there is nothing more poisonous than to listen to a man who chose to spend the night on his own. He will never attempt a conversation, because whatever has happened to you - it has happened to him a million times over.

My favourite men are very much like my favourite buildings. They are few and far between. Sometimes it may seem that they are about to crumble under pressure - but they don't. And at some point around midnight, they will get to their taxis just fine. I have seen this time and time again: my favourite men never fall.