Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I’m not saying it is the best album of all time. I’m not even saying it is the best album by The Clash. But what a fascinating trip.

People who claim side 6 is a waste of tape and question the purpose of having “One More Dub” right after “One More Time” are totally missing the fucking point. Sandinista! has 36 songs on it, for Christ’s sake, so that’s a bit like criticising a novel for having a couple of adjectives you don’t like. I’m grossly exaggerating of course, but I’m trying to prove a point here.

Try taking Sandinista! on a trip somewhere. Start at home with the quasi-hip-hop of “The Magnificent Seven”, go to the airport to the delicious pop of “Somewhere In England”, board the plane singing along to “Up In Heaven”, step off the ladder with the insanely addictive “Lose That Skin”, dance across a foreign city with the deranged rhythm of “Version City” and check into your hotel screaming “Career Opportunities” at the top of your lungs. Like those kids do. 

Sandinista! is for special experiences. That said, side 6 can get you through boring household routine like cleaning windows and ironing shirts... Oh, and “Shepherds Delight” is for taking drugs alone in your room, after a long and exhausting journey.