Thursday, 16 July 2015

Waving at Airplanes

Music is best experienced in unknown surroundings. That way, the sound comes sharper and lyrics make sense even if they don’t. So that whenever I travel and expect to see something new (which is always), I travel with music I have never heard previously.

The trick is that even if it’s not good – it would still be rendered special (likely) and sentimental (definitely) by simply being discovered the way it was. On a train, together with a bunch of awkward people you wish to unsee. In a churchyard, with a few squirrels running around the tombstones. On a bench by a river. 

Tobin Sprout’s “Waving at Airplanes” is a brilliant song, but even more so – it’s the discovery. The way it happened for the first time, in a dodgy Romanian suburb near Turnpike Lane. Never underestimate the circumstances under which you... This sentence should go unfinished.