Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Century Of Fakers

The leak of Spotify playlists is totally irrelevant, but it has revealed some interesting things. The Pitchfork founder in particular got found out. As it turned out, the guy is a closet Nickelback fan. This is funny and rather sad. Funny – because it is Pitchfork. Sad – because you can see how easily Facebook years will let that happen. Some people just have to build another life around themselves, something fake but ultimately more attractive. 

A century of fakers, and Stuart Murdoch put it so beautifully on a train from London to Glasgow (or that’s what I hear):

'Cause you’re making blinkers fashionable
And fashionably you’ll say
‘All is equal in love and war’
And ‘I’m sorry, but I’ve got some things to do’
And you pretend to read a book
You’ll never finish till the day
That the author dedicates it 
To a century of fakers…