Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fury Road

Deep down, people just love looking at freaks. And this freak-show of a film… Christ it’s completely demented. In other words, I finally did the inevitable the other day and watched Mad Max.

It wasn’t the hideous midget. Not one-armed Charlize Theron. Not the fact that nobody says anything that would make even remote sense. Not insane people spraying their mouths with silver and screaming ‘TO VALHALLA!!!’ No, not them. It was the fucking lead guitarist on a bunch of strings that got me.

Can I say hilarious? Because I’m not sure I can. 

Mad Max is like a feverish dream of a 13-year old kid who played computer games all day long and then blacked out due to complete exhaustion at some point after midnight. Entertaining but mostly ridiculous. There’s no way you will pin this down. And you just won’t beat that lead guitarist playing a goddamn Sepultura jam ad naseum.