Sunday, 16 August 2015

How Nights Out End

Good music you will never hear. Some of it out of sheer neglect, some of it happens to be buried too deep in the remote corners of the Internet. Interestingly, neither of these two reasons seems like much of an excuse these days.

Like you will never hear GUMS!, a Scottish band (Glaswegian – if you need a genre) whose members were once part of the now extinct Plimptons. Their new EP, How Nights Out End, is brimming with melodic quality (“Christina Gallagher” is a true Glaswegian gem) and even offers a little in terms of diversity. “What’s Left” is a distinctly Scottish accent against the background of a Motorhead groove. Intriguing.

I could say hopelessly old-fashioned, but do come on – what is old-fashioned anymore? I guess my only serious complaint is that “February” may just be too good for the most depressing month of the year. Or is that a sign of a good band. Next up is “Rottenrow”, an anthem trapped in humility.

It’s always easy to resist the unknown. No, you won't hear them. But with tunes so inescapable, what reasons have you not to?