Friday, 4 September 2015

Chrissie Hynde said something

As people do. You ask them their opinion, they give it. It used to work like that, but not anymore.

And it may have been a stupid thing, regardless of the fact that she herself was once a rape victim, it may have been completely irresponsible. But the backlash has been so severe, so over-the-top that you might start thinking people actually give a damn about what a pop star says. As in – that’s some thought, let’s write a 5,000 word article about it.

She is a fucking pop star. And what I admire about Chrissie Hynde (who, sadly, hasn’t written too many good songs since that second Pretenders LP) is that she did not back down. 

Really, if you’re so easily offended, then don’t ask any questions. Since it just feels like you ask them to get something to sulk about.