Sunday, 20 September 2015


I swear I found time to sit down and listen to Lana Del Rey’s new album and write a proper review of it.

I swear a review was actually written, and a proper one, too, mentioning song titles and lyrical matter and Lana’s vocal performances, but then something happened, someone attacked me and the world blacked out.

I swear I reread my piece and realised to my utter confusion that I wrote the same review I did last year when she released Ultraviolence. Word for word.

This is last year’s review then, and the new one, sadly, had to be discarded. Sadly – because it took effort and inspiration akin to those displayed by Lana Del Rey on Honeymoon. But just to say something, I’d like to quote an anonymous reader reviewing/anticipating this new album months before its release: 

‘Looking forward to the one about a bad boy, and the one where she puts on a red dress’. 

P.S. One song is called "High By The Beach".