Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Evening Gown

There's absolutely no reason why anyone should be saying what I'm about to say, but let's spare a thought for a Mick Jagger ballad. I'm not even talking about "Angie" (God help us all, but I won't hear anyone knocking that tune), I'm talking about a Mick Jagger ballad in the 90s.

Cheesy overproduced heartfelt romantic balladry. May well have been suited for MTV for all I care. Things like the bloody "Angel In My Heart" which I first heard on some dodgy and downbeat Stones/Jagger  compilation a thousand years ago. Sitting side by side with Richards's "Slipping Away" and Jagger's equally fantastic "Evening Gown". Those fucking tunes.

I could listen to "New Faces" for days on end. Nobody can resist a harpsichord, and the middle eight tugs at my heartstrings like they cannot snap. That opening piano of "Out Of Tears" that sounds like you've lost the last shred of taste and where the hell is your Sticky Fingers? The power chorus of "Blinded By Rainbows" that erupts in the sort of poetry that make you think of every reason why you are supposed to hate Aerosmith?

There's no question that he went too far on "Always Suffering" which is a bit too fucking much even for a drunken night in, but the falsetto of "Already Over Me" is a thing of beauty that you fail to copy (embarrassingly) when singing along. 

Mick Jagger's ballads in the 90s had zero regard for your taste, which is something you should quietly admire. Love the moon, love the goddamn eclipse.