Sunday, 28 February 2016


Emotionally, nothing even comes close. Once the impossible happens and Room wins it tonight, my faith in humanity will be fully restored. I promise. 

Perhaps the best thing about Room is the light. The white light that worms its way into your heart despite the fact that the first half is pure claustrophobic horror. One of those harrowing maniac stories you see on the news and fail to translate into real life.

The light comes through the roof window, and through the eyes of a child hiding in the wardrobe while the room is shaking for reasons he cannot yet comprehend. 

This should be unbearable. And it is. I know a grown man who cried three times watching it. I'd say you have to be a monster not to. It's not mawkish. It's life-affirming. The tears are tough.

And of course you hate child actors. Why wouldn't you. Those little bastards spoiling every scene each time they are supposed to do something meaningful. Room has changed it for me. This is not Jodie Foster playing a young prostitute, this is a boy of five not once faking it for two hours. 

I had no idea it would come to this back when I first saw a Lee Abrahamson film. What Richard Did was good but depressing. Frank was quirky in the best way. But Room... Bloody hell.