Friday, 3 June 2016

May: 5 Albums

WHITE LUNG - Paradise

New Pornographers. Arcade Fire. Silver Mt. Zion. All fantastic Canadian bands, but what are they really worth when put against the ruthless sheen of White Lung? Short answer: not much. Paradise is a matter of ten new songs that sound no less ballsy than the title "Kiss Me When I Bleed". Some say they've slowed it down slightly, but you'd have to resurrect Einstein to call "Below" a ballad. The guitars sound perfect. The charisma is overpowering. "Demented" is demented. 9/10

GABRIEL BRUCE - Come All Sufferers

I loved it that the first five seconds of "Freedom" sound exactly like the first five seconds of "Dark Light, Shine Loud". God knows Love In Arms was one of the best albums of 2013, so this felt like putting on my favourite slippers after years spent in exile. But then it changes. Gabriel has gone through a lot recently, and this album literally bleeds suffering and catharsis. "Metal Soul" is a slow-burning classic. "Hold Me Close, Holy Ghost" is almost as anthemic as "Sermon On The Mount". "Gifts From God" has a chorus to die for. "Jesus Drag Queen" is tastefully repulsive.  Interestingly, this album is so low-profile that rateyourmusic didn't even bother with an update. Lazy fools. It's a brilliant record. 8/10

RETORYKA - Floccinaucinihilipilification EP

Again, I really like this guy. He's got the style and he's got the tunes. In some parallel universe, where Wayne County doesn't have to try to get on the radio, this should be enough. Not here. Not when Miles Kane counts for a songwriter. Which is a shame, because "Arts & Minds" is so smart, "Ice Breaker" is as quality as a demo can get, "Love In A Void" is a Siouxsie & The Banshees cover with an edge and "Are Human Beings Naturally Monotonous?" is one of the best songs of the year (anyone who pronounces the word 'interesting' like that is a winner in my book). Lovely EP title, too. 8/10

RADIOHEAD - A Moon Shaped Pool

In Rainbows > A Moon Shaped Pool > The King Of Limbs. 7/10


Oceans will dry up, mountains will collapse and volcanos will erupt water. Tom Petty will always be Tom Petty. He will always look like Tom Petty, sound like Tom Petty, write like Tom Petty. This is the second album from Mudcrutch, and you just can't expect a better opener than "Trailer". Ups & downs follow. Ups ("Save The Water") are good and downs ("Beautiful Blue") are not too bad. 2 is a fine little album. It would actually be criminal to think otherwise. Still, the effortless genius of "On The Street" seems way out of reach now. 7/10 

P.S. Oh, and The Stone Roses have just stolen the WHOLE FUCKING RIFF from The Fall's "Squid Lord", a few spineless critics will always give Dylan the perfect score, and Destroyer's "My Mystery" is a beaut.