Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Sorry, but no

Stevie Wonder

Maybe it’s the childhood trauma of hearing “I Just ###### To ### I #### You” at the age of seven (cheesy even if you’re two), but I’ve never cared for Stevie Wonder. Amazing people have played Innervisions and Talking Book and Songs In The Key Of Life to me, and I got the soulful vocals and optimistic vibes. I just didn’t get the songwriting which frankly doesn’t stretch too far.


Funk my feet. I guess Prince is a very talented musician (and suitably annoying person), but as far as I’m concerned “Manic Monday” by The Bangles was the best thing he has ever done. I’ve tried Purple Rain multiple times (among a few of his other albums), and while it wasn’t bad per se, let’s face it: you can have this stuff so much more powerful in half a dozen other places.


When she is accessible, she is bland. When she is inaccessible, she is, well, inaccessible.