Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Year by year: 2015


Destroyer*, as you can easily guess from the name, is a heavy metal band. In fact, they have to be one of the 3 or 4 heaviest heavy metal bands in existence. They are that heavy. These Canadian motherfuckers certainly put ‘bang’ back in Bangkok (incidentally, that’s the name of one of this album’s more guttural and uncompromising numbers).

Overall, Poison Season is punishing hardcore. And with song titles like “Hell” and “Girl In A Sling” (released as a single, my God!) – what else do you expect?? Dan Bejar (a Mexican mafia man with a glass of El Diablo in his hand, you would think) sings his guts out on this one. By the second half, my ears bled more than after standing for three hours in the first row of a Swans gig.

A Swans gig makes me think of a Destroyer show. Never been to one, but I guess it’s about as bruising an experience as listening to Chuck Palahniuk read one of his more… challenging stories (side note: Palahniuk is badly overrated, and Fight Club sucks balls).

Where were we? Ah, Destroyer. The leader of the band is also a member of a group of Canadian hardcore pornographers frequently performing live and occasionally even recording studio albums (Christ knows what could be on those). With Destroyer, though, Mr. Bejar shows his other side. One that is, quite clearly, not for the most faint-hearted of us. 

Fucking hell, “Forces From Above” is BRUTAL. 

*This review was written in a Cambridge bar while drunk on Cuban Old-Fashioned.