Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Year by year: 2008

Robert Forster – THE EVANGELIST

Initially, the idea of The Evangelist sounded unbearable. Would you be able to live with it, to take it all in, to get away from the horrible thoughts of what might have been had Grant not died so tragically and so soon, had The Go-Betweens released another album, had Oceans Apart been but a taste of things to come?

But then the tunes poured in, first slowly (“If It Rains”), then rising in intensity (“Let Your Light In, Babe”), then gorgeously dying down (“From Ghost Town”). Robert’s tunes, Grant’s tunes, and you almost forgot all. Melodies of such striking charisma and poetic genius – The Evangelist was both a healing process and the single most powerful, emotional musical statement of the decade. 

And you know what? Seven years have passed since its release. 16 Lovers Lane and Danger In The Past, Tallulah and Horsebreaker Star. I love those records dearly, I probably know them by heart, but The Evangelist remains the one Go-Betweens-related album I come back to again and again. 

Best things are created with the thought that it’s all over and this is your last chance. Thankfully, this was not, not for Robert Forster. But God knows it sounds that way.