Saturday, 3 October 2015

Point of no return

In every story there is a point of no return. It’s a point where nothing can go back. The events of the plot are lined up in a way that is not so much perfect as final. Up to that point things can change. Dialogues can take a left turn and characters can survive a fatal car accident. After that point – it’s all set in stone. 

There are two interesting aspects to this. First, the point of no return comes regardless of how good it is. The story could be dumb, brilliant, mediocre. Second, you hardly ever feel it as you write the story. The realization comes late. Maybe never. In fact, it’s much easier to feel it as a member of the audience who suddenly whispers to himself in the humming darkness of the cinema: “Ah, but that’s how it had to go”. Face it. If it was any other way – well, it would be a completely different work of art.