Friday, 30 October 2015

Year by year: 1982


For me, The Dreaming is the Mulholland Drive of music. It triggers and challenges the senses that most other art, however good it is, simply doesn’t. The Dreaming is sexual and disturbing while remaining tasteful all the way through. The Dreaming makes “Army Dreamers” and “Breathing” sound like conventional pop songs. And that should say a lot.

I guess for most people who don’t know much about Kate Bush (or know her for “Wuthering Heights” or, Heavens forbid, that appallingly bland duet with Peter Gabriel) this album will sound deeply uncomfortable. Maybe odd. Maybe scary. Maybe completely out of this world. And it is. There are hooks and there are melodies (“Suspended In Gaffa” is, in fact, almost a waltz), but those are no ordinary hooks and melodies. But if anything – they hit even harder. Her vocals are seductive, overwhelming, gentle, primordial. Vocally, there’s little she doesn’t do here. 

To this day, listening to this album is a lot like having sex with a person who knows every trick. It’s a constant thrill. The powerful growling of “Houdini”, the bizarre neighing of “Get Out Of My House”, the sheer range of “Leave It Open”. The whispers. The goddamn whispers. Phenomenal album. Maybe the greatest of all time.