Sunday, 25 October 2015


Not so long ago I wrote an article about warm-up acts. I talked about how futile the whole enterprise is. How annoying. My key point being – even if they are good, your mind is elsewhere. You’ve come for the real thing. You are underwhelmed.

However, there are exceptions.

I have only just found out about Retoryka, thanks to a London live show from Luke Haines presenting his latest subversive concept album, British Nuclear Bunkers (on which more later). And it’s not that Retoryka is such an entertaining live act. Not at all. It’s just that certain songwriting cannot be denied.

My baby, you sure like to party
Daily Instagram your latte

This is great songwriting in my book. Lyrics come from “The Great Beauty” off the band’s debut EP, Super Maudlin, and God knows I want more. They have a wonderful ability to hit on a lovely melodic groove and milk it in a very intelligent way for 3-plus minutes. 

I guess there will be people who will hear this Super Maudlin and think: “So what?” To me, they have something about them that goes beyond cheap reference points. They have the style and they have the tunes. I genuinely want to know where they go from here. In this day and age, you can only gamble on posterity. I hope they do.