Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Year by year: 1975


It's easy to get lost in this overrated/underrated game, so it’s better not to engage at all. Over the years, Indiscreet has been called many things. Once overrated (according to some), it has lately been considered vastly inferior to records like Kimono My House or even Propaganda.

As you might have already guessed, I disagree. I don’t know how I would compare Indiscreet to Lil’ Beethoven – but it has always felt like their most compelling and entertaining listen prior to the self-styled sonic revolution. It’s business as usual from the Mael brothers: absurd, annoying, witty lyrics and some of the most infectious, hook-filled melodies of the decade. It’s just that this time the songs are… even better. The opening “Hospitality On Parade” is a blast. “It Ain’s 1918” is physically irresistible. “How Are You Getting Home?” (brilliantly used in Holy Motors) could be their best ever. 

Elsewhere, it’s music hall, glam-rock, waltz, vague messages, a song called “Tits”. What’s not to like? Maybe Sparks’ most consistent record overall. I would also recommend a bonus track titled “England”. Which, if you know their history, is even more intriguing than it sounds.