Sunday, 11 October 2015

Year by year: 1969

Tyrannosaurus Rex – UNICORN

This is such an insane little album. How do you describe it? Sixteen songs of mysticism, eccentric folk melodies and Bolan’s magic? Lyrics dealing with royal crocodiles and wizards and unicorns? Bongos and John Peel reading a short story and Peregrin Took looking like Faramir on the cover?

Total insanity. I guess the best way to be introduced to this album is to hear a pleasantly demented song like “Iscariot” and see if this makes any sort of sense on a purely metaphysical level. Because once you crack it, Bolan’s vocal style and the general mood of this album, you will realise this is something very special.

Honestly. “Bang A Gong (Get It On)” never stood a chance against the unforgettable melody of “Cat Black (The Wizard’s Hat)” and the charming shamanism of “The Misty Coast Of Avalon”. 

*On the issue of trolling and this not being Abbey Road or something. I genuinely believe there is no point in putting a band like The Beatles on any sort of list. Which is not to degrade the utter genius of “Her Majesty”, of course.