Saturday, 7 November 2015

Year by year: 1987


Strangeways is the name of a Manchester prison and the fourth (and final) studio album by The Smiths… Ah but let’s talk about Morrissey’s debut novel instead.

It’s bad. No-saving-graces bad. Poorly written and ill-conceived. So bad you can’t ignore how bad it is. Pretty much like the latest instalment of Stephen Fry’s autobiography; in the sense that even if you are a fan, there’s no way you can get over the tedious self-indulgence going on.

In fact, there’s a mystical thing happing in List Of The Lost. I have no idea what this strange phenomenon is called in literary science, but each page reads like two pages (sometimes three, and in one case – towards the end of the novel – one page actually becomes ten). Very odd. 

Morrissey’s memoir, though, was a classic. It was especially great to notice that he actually rates Strangeways as The Smiths’ best album. The man has taste. Or how else could he write “Girlfriend In A Coma”?..