Saturday, 21 November 2015

Year by year: 1996


How in God’s name he managed to shoehorn Proust and Dostoevsky in there I do not know, but novelty music (if this was indeed novelty music) is rarely done with such conviction, charisma and melodic substance.

Denim On Ice (like its predecessor Back In Denim) is pure addiction. Catchy to the point of vulgarity, or how else do you get something as brilliant and ridiculous as the kids’ singing on “It Fell Off The Back Of The Lorry”? Exquisite melancholia of Felt this was not. 

So what was it? Glam-pop? Novelty rock? Or just Lawrence going off? Whatever it was, Denim sounded like a fascinating flipside of Britpop, and in that respect – you can’t get a song any more delightfully cynical than “The Great Pub Rock Revival”. 

Lawrence is fucking genius, and I can barely resist: