Thursday, 19 November 2015

Year by year: 1994


Let’s see.

Let’s see why an album as good as Vauxhall & I got dumped and Dummy was not even considered. The reason is that Grant McLennan’s third solo album has 19 (nineteen!) songs of such beautifully crafted perfection that I’m simply left with no choice.

I guess every Go-Betweens fan had to play this game at some point in the 90s. You took a solo album from Robert and a corresponding album from Grant. You chose five best songs from the former and you chose five best songs from the latter and what you got as a result was an imaginary Go-Betweens LP that would have been perfect. For me, Horsebreaker Star changed that.  

Quite simply, I couldn’t do it with this album. I could even do it with Danger In The Past (“Dear Black Dream”, for instance, is good but what a mess), but I have no idea how you pick and choose from a record of this consistency?.. 

Really, you hold on to what you’ve got. And one million verses of “What Went Wrong” seems barely enough…