Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Year by year: 1993

The Auteurs – NEW WAVE

No element of shock here. I didn’t even have to consider the competition. The songwriting on New Wave is of such charisma, intensity and self-belief (almost obscene for a debut record) that you have to wonder how anyone can not be converted by the time the lush punches of “American Guitars” kick in.

I’ll keep it short. I’ve written about this album extensively about a dozen times now and I have no intention of repeating myself. So let’s just talk about “Don’t Trust The Stars”.

First time I heard the album I barely even noticed it. New Wave was the first album where my favourite song changed from month to month. “Don’t Trust The Stars” was the only one that seemed decently brilliant rather than indecently so (better than anything by any Br*tpop band from the period, mind). But once in a very drab street on a very drab day, with a drab woman sitting at the bus stop reading horoscopes, the lyrics and the tune overwhelmed me. And the strange order was restored. 

Who cares about your mystic lies?..