Friday, 27 November 2015

Year by year: 2000

Black Box Recorder - THE FACTS OF LIFE

A pretty girl frowning against slabs of raw meat, you could not think of a more accurate description of this album. John Moore and Luke Haines providing the brutal wit and pop sensibilities, and Sarah Nixey singing in a way that is both sexual and icy cold.

The Facts Of Life is one of my favourite albums of all time, and “The Deverell Twins” could be the main reason for that. Not “Goodnight Kiss” with backing vocals that would make you weep with joy. Not the title song, the world’s most likeliest and most unlikeliest hit single. Not the ominous and magical “The English Motorway System”. It's “The Deverell Twins”. With its gorgeously sinister guitar line and with its chilling story of child suicide dug up from the 19th century. This is intriguing songwriting. 

Compared with two other studio albums from Black Box Recorder, The Facts Of Life gets a very slight edge. It just feels like their most realised and perfectly executed creation. And a good start for the decade: seductive, sophisticated, impossibly cynical.