Friday, 22 May 2015

Mad Men (finale)

This feels like an end of an era.

And we do get to hear Jim Morrison singing “The End”, a moment as obligatory as Don Draper sleeping with another woman. Still, when something dies, something as good as this, you would rather see it dead than wounded. Even if – oh God yes – you are left with the sore feeling that you just won’t find it again. For me, the best thing on TV since Twin Peaks (don’t fucking do it, Lynch).  

Final episode can never be satisfying, especially one happening after seven seasons of exquisitely plotted, intense drama. But in that world he created, world where everything comes at a price but the best things in life are free, Matthew Weiner could do no wrong. And while initially you may have shuddered at the shot of Don meditating among the hippies, the cynical smile followed by the Coke commercial was an ending as perfect as it was inevitable. Don had just seen Dick Whitman, in a scene you should be a stone to resist, and Dick Whitman was not what he wanted to be. Not at all.

Elsewhere, everyone gets what he/she deserves, more or less, and – mercifully – we survive the finale without a single death or a sudden tragedy. No cheap tricks, it’s all done with as much style as that first scene, season one episode one, in which Don is talking to a waiter. From Lucky Strike to Coca-Cola, this was a fascinating journey either too long or too short.

“One day they will be us”, Marie says to Roger, in a café, with a group of young people sitting around. 

“Tomorrow”, replies Roger.