Thursday, 7 May 2015

More than Rain

Tornado can kill you. Sun will make you explode with delight. Snow can depress you to no end.

Rain not so much. Rain is the trickiest, because rain is never straightforward. Rain is never one emotion. There is something irresistible about the grey October drizzle, and God knows the lovely shower at the end of May could make you cry.

Millions of artists have sung about rain, but it takes a special kind to do it properly. Tom Waits is your man.

“More Than Rain”, “A Little Rain”, “Bride Of A Rain Dog”, “Rain Dogs”, “Make It Rain”, “Rainbirds”, “Rains On Me”, and that’s discarding songs like “Stormy Weather” which don’t mention the word ‘rain’ in the title.

And these are not just titles. These are songs that reveal the juxtaposition in full. They make you think of a small crowd of people gathered at a funeral. Early morning. Grey coats and black hats. But do you see what they are doing? All these people in grey coats and black hats? They are… look closer now… they are smiling. The bastards are smiling. 

Was there ever another artist who made you love rain more than Tom Waits?