Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Revisiting places

A book shop, an art gallery and a café. Also, I will have that same drink thanks.

I’ve been there already, maybe a dozen times, but that’s irrelevant. I will go there again just to make sure that the city is still alive and I’m not some kind of ghost roaming these streets.

After all, who wants to be a ghost?

New things will come your way, like they always do away from home, but revisiting places that made it special years ago is, in a way, like exploring the city anew.

You can’t beat the familiar sensation of going to the very same book shop and repeating the old trick: buying a book simply because you like the cover, the first sentence or the name of the author. 

So watch me carefully drag David Prete’s August and Then Some from the beautifully charred piles of book wreckage…