Friday, 29 May 2015

The Dancer

Interesting how some words stay with you. Random words, silly words, careless words. Words that were not even supposed to be taken at their face value (maybe). But these words haunt and affect you, for no apparent reason, and it might take years for you to break the spell.

There’s a particular song by PJ Harvey which I had avoided for years. It was an odd but strong comment from a person I knew long ago and in short it dismissed the song so snidely you would think Polly should be embarrassed for life. Bizarrely, the words affected me so much that I couldn’t listen to the song objectively. I never gave it the time of day. What made things even worse is that it was from PJ Harvey’s best album (up until 2011 in any case), To Bring You My Love

But then, just the other day, it finally clicked with me. Again, for no apparent reason. I’m not saying it’s better than the intense rhythm of “C’mon Billy” or the sheer guttural power of the title track, but my God what a song this is.