Sunday, 31 May 2015

Shaun the Sheep

First of all, what does the word ‘movie’ doing in a British film? That’s the worst thing I’ve seen since Morrissey wrote ‘favourite’ without ‘u’ in his autobiography. Disgraceful.

On a much more serious note, though, I admire Aardman Animations. For me, only Pixar in their prime (Toy Stories, Ratatouille and Wall-E) could rival them in terms of wit and imagination. Shaun The Sheep Movie (originally a brilliant mini-series where each 7-minute episode has more ideas than the whole of Frozen) is a full-length film that is never-ending, inventive fun. A self-styled day-off goes horribly wrong, the Farmer is lost in the city and has to be found and brought back home, but the sheep’s mischief is your utter joy. 

Watching this, you might keep asking yourself – how, how in God’s name are they doing all this? – but in truth, there’s just so much to admire here. Like the intricate plot and the heartwarming, unaffected humour of the whole thing. But ah Christ yes – technically, this is just breathtaking.