Thursday, 26 March 2015

Canon In D Major

Say! You want to write music but talent hasn’t arrived. Songs feel forced, inarticulate or just plain bad. Don’t throw in the towel just yet – all is not lost.

After all, there’s always Pachelbel. When all human life gets wiped out by the nuclear bomb and dinosaurs come back to haunt these barren lands, Canon In D Major will remain. As a symbol of hope or maybe sarcasm.

Listen to that melody until your ears fall off, rearrange the chords in a million ways, and there you have it. There’s no shame in this, so many artists have done it in the past. Great artists, too. You don’t have to be blatant (DO NOT CLICK!! I WARNED YOU!). You don’t have to rip it off completely. You can be subtle about it. You can be creative. 

I’m not joking. Good songs don’t grow on trees. I honestly wish more artists did that. Canon In D Major, like bad wine, will inspire and persevere.