Thursday, 12 March 2015

Crawl Babies

In Brisbane there’s a bridge dedicated to the Go-Betweens. Greatest Australian band (screw ‘Australian’) gets honoured in their home city, what a grand gesture. Thoroughly deserved, too. Not sure how Robert Forster feels about the idea, but you just don’t see him complaining.
I’m more into other kinds of bridges though. In Glasgow there’s a Pastels bridge. It’s not much. Short and not especially presentable. Best part is that it isn’t even the Pastels bridge. It has never been called that away. No one in their right mind would dedicate a bridge to some forgotten indie band from Scotland. However, this is the place where Stephen Pastel sang “Crawl Babies” back in 1987. 

The Pastels bridge. You’ll know when you see it. Sometimes all you need is a cheap, blurry video and a good tune.