Sunday, 29 March 2015

Favourite albums vs. favourite albums

I have once read a bizarre article about how your favourite albums are not really your favourite albums. Records you choose for an imaginary ‘desert island’ list or some such thing are a delusion. You think too much about your choices. The choice is corrupted, narrowed down by fake concepts and ideas.

The night was warm and beautiful. The girl smiled. Anything.

Well, what do you think. I had a chance to prove this to myself the other day as I was transferring my CD collection to a new apartment. During my first round I had a chance to take just 10 CDs. I studied my rows of records and tried to think what it was that I most wanted. Interestingly, it only took seconds. I just grabbed them. 10 albums.

Scott 4 by Scott Walker
Grace by Jeff Buckley
Born Sandy Devotional by The Triffids
Pink Moon by Nick Drake
Boatman’s Call by Nick Cave
Bawlers, Brawlers & Bastards by Tom Waits
16 Lovers Lane by The Go-Betweens
Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
Soul Journey by Gillian Welch
The Village Green Preservation Society by The Kinks

The exciting bit is that only Go-Betweens and Triffids would feature in what you would call a ‘desert island’ list. 

Well, what do you think. I can’t stop listening to these albums now. The only trouble with a list like this is that you need something special in your life to find out what your real favourite albums are.