Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Oh it has certainly done its damage. You didn’t think it could, but then look what fucking happened. Quick and empty.

There is no sense in mocking Twitter (one of the reasons being – what if you decide to start your own account in a few days). But my God, I don’t think in a Twitter-free world Luke Haines (whose Twitter page is great misanthropic fun) would be releasing Adventures In Dementia. A decent mini-album, murky and skillful, but just so goddamned unremarkable by this man’s standards.

It happened last year, with the final installment of his psychedelic trilogy, New York In The 70s. It was like he believed that every thought coming out of his head was worth recording. And it felt quick and half-baked, it felt like Twitter. Adventures In Dementia feels like a hashtag. 

Twitter world cheapens art. Deadens it, makes it this much less special. And we do not even notice and just get on with the next tweet.