Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ida and Leviathan

There’s basically no reason why anyone should care about Academy Awards. There’s no rational explanation why people keep doing that, guessing, anticipating, watching, forgetting two days later. As ever, Christopher Hitchens said it best: “Try having a nourishing conversation about last year’s Oscar”.

Can you? No, you can’t. Do you even remember who got it last year? Face it, you have almost forgotten who got it this year. In a couple of months you will say it was either Argo or The Wolf Of Wall Street. The whole thing is that pointless. 

I do remember, however, that Ida got it as the best foreign film, and Leviathan didn’t. I applaud the choice. Leviathan is a brilliant film where brilliant is entirely in your head. It is well-executed, well-acted, well-shot, well-scripted, etc. Same as Ida. But Ida has poetry.