Sunday, 5 April 2015


These people say no when they mean yes and then these people say yes when in fact they mean no fucking way and that seems like the main attraction of Bloodline which is exactly the type of show you should binge watch on a weekend to the sound of beer cans fizzing out in the stuffy air of your room behind the drawn curtains and some kind of weather outside and I don’t know just how stupid and contrived it is going to get come second season (and second season SHOULD come, by all means) but what I know is that if there’s anyone I envy it’s the kind of people who can come up with all these plotlines and characters more complex than the structure of your nerve cell and since writing courses work where raw talent fails I think you have to LEARN how to do that stuff otherwise you are going to be witty or pretentious or some other nonsense that a binge-watching lunatic on a weekend just doesn’t need because that sort of guy no what he needs is a fuck-up and a 30-year old family secret and a drug dealer and a wicked crime and a smutty sex scene and a bunch of neurotic well-meaning folks that are going to prove to you that every time you are saying no you are actually saying yes… 

…a hundred times over.