Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Draughtsman’s Contract

I love the sheer effrontery of his vision. I love the lush colouring of his work. I love the Renaissance sounds that go with his Baroque shots. But I don’t love Peter Greenaway. He is one of those great artistic people I’m supposed to love, I want to love, but I just don’t.

There are moments in The Draughtsman’s Contract that seduce me aesthetically. But aesthetically is not enough. If it is sexual, it has to look, smell, feel sexual.

Having said that. The soundtrack to that film, composed by Michael Nyman (Greenaway’s frequent collaborator), is just astonishing. I don’t need the film to enjoy the classical intensity of the strings and the brass that sound like Henry Purcell resurrected for the 20th century. “The Disposition Of The Linen” is my personal favourite, but it’s something else I will post here. 

Why? Only because of the picture that goes with the piece. It’s a special kind of picture for me, and at some point I’m going to write a lengthy and very personal post about it, but in the meantime…