Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Magic Whip

The biggest sin is to be boring.

Having said it a million times already, I will repeat that again: wishy-washy art be damned. Bad art I’m okay with, at least it’s there on the wall, toothless and tragic. It’s bland art I can’t stand.

Blur’s new album isn’t bad. It’s better than Think Tank (of course it is), but overall it just lacks any urgency or spark. They do survive on that charm of old, lazy hooks and laidback vibes, and you won’t hear me knocking such pretty sleepers as “Ice Cream Man” or “Pyongyang”, but would you honestly consider the shameless B***pop send-up “I Broadcast” as worthy of anything on Modern Life Is Rubbish (which is Blur’s fifth best album)? Can’t you tell that “Death Of A Party” was great and “There Are Too Many Of Us” is as boring as Grace Of Monaco?

Sorry, but this is just weak. Weak and pointless. “Fool’s Day” was a great song, but I simply can’t find enough reasons why I should care for The Magic Whip.

I blame Alex James for that.