Thursday, 9 April 2015

Chants For Socialists

I like irrelevant people. In my experience, they are the sincere ones. And it’s especially wonderful when irrelevance comes with talent – in that case, it can produce such albums as Darren Hayman’s Chants For Socialists.

Because let us be honest: this album is like a classic Dutch still life in a modern art gallery. So genuinely irrelevant you could think it was all just a vague joke. An album about socialism (and I mean real, working-class socialism) in 2015, with song titles like “May Day 1894”, “All For The Cause”, “The Voice Of Toil” and “March Of The Workers”. I mean, who in their right mind?.. 

But sincerity always wins – when it’s at the heart of somebody’s art. You do not need to be relevant, you just need to release something as good as this.