Saturday, 25 April 2015

Wild tales of revenge

There is a famous Spanish saying about revenge being ‘a dish better served cold’. While it would be hard to argue with that, the saying doesn’t hold true for Wild Tales, a terrific Argentinian film from 2014. Apart from the opening scenes, so farcical and so fascinating you will question your own sanity, very little here is planned and plotted. This is fiery South America, things get emotional.

You should love the insanity and the intensity of this. Wild Tales consists of six short films united by one common subject. Each piece presents someone (waitress, musician, bride, etc.) holding a serious grudge against someone else (bridegroom, government, world), and… well, revenge comes in many ways. From knives to dynamites to adultery. 

But all revenge is pointless, an idea well proven by that beautifully ridiculous, cathartic ending.