Friday, 3 April 2015

From Michigan to Illinois

In this age of small things, it’s refreshing to hear of an artist doing something big. When I found out in 2006 that Sufjan Stevens was planning a 50-album project dedicated to every American state – I thought my God, this is amazing. Of course, he also had to say the project was doomed to failure and there was no chance in hell he would complete it. Even if he drank all the right juices and lived to be a hundred. Fair do’s.

But when Michigan was followed by Illinois, practical issues seemed irrelevant. After all, here was a man with a big idea. 50 albums. It’s not that he was ever going to do that. It’s about defying reality and defying expectations. It's about breaking the fucking fish bowl.

Now, in 2015, it’s depressing to think that Carrie and Lowell might just be enough.