Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Will Butler

Listen to “What I Want” and you will see if it’s The Reflektor you wanted or maybe this is what you really wanted. It’s like a lost track from Neon Bible. All is in place: steady, driving groove and strong vocal hooks you can relate to. Well, as long as you can disregard the hilariously bad lyrics (‘pony macaroni’? – what the fuck, Billy).

8 songs, 27 minutes. Policy is criminally short. Still, what a talent this guy is. Win Butler is the one you see, but it’s Will, his younger brother, who could be Arcade Fire’s main creative force. The music is consistently good. A few funky Reflektor-isms aside (“Anna”, “Something’s Coming”), this should sound very appealing to every Canadian purist (Fools! The Reflektor was brilliant.). No artistic excesses, no need for you to resort to huge headphones. 

The minimalist, piano-based “Sing To Me” (cause I’m tired, and I don’t want to talk no more) is a quiet revelation.